Saturday, 9 October 2010

its all about interest !

Every person have their own interest.  For me, some interest can make our hobby when in leisure time. I like gadgets because it is very interesting.  As example BlackBerry, one of the advance mobile in the world.  its have many special features.  its make everyone close each other.  Phone, email, texting family, friends and contacts. it is also browse the web, find your destination with mapping applications and organize all your personal data.  Furthermore, its can bring your entertainment.  wherever you are, BlackBerry smartphone let you to listen to music, snap picture, view clips and capture and video.

Another gadgets that i love it is Apple iPod classic.  it is very unique and interesting.  One word that can be conclude with this feature is capacity.  its have great capacity of memory with 160GB of storage, can hold up to 40000 songs, 200 hours of video or 25000 photos.  iPod classic also comes with three games-Vortex, iQuiz, Klondike- and we can purchase games such as Cake Mania from iTunes Store.  All the iPod games are designed specifically for the iPod interface.

iPod classic come with many different of colours

Another thing,  i love to play games.  i am interesting to Portable PlayStation (PSP).  it is very interesting consoles than PlayStation, Wii Nintendo and others, for me, PSP is the most unique.  it is built in slim, light and portable with huge, ultra-crisp LCD screens.  We can play hundreds of games and view movies, read digital comics, browse the internet and many more.  All the stunning graphics and entertainment we had get with a console, but the special is we can play it wherever and whenever.  

PSP go System

Introducing the smallest and mightiest PSP® system yet. Download rich, immersive digital gaming or the best movies and TV series directly to the PSP go system's ample 16GB hard drive. Browse the incredibly deep lineup of PSP gaming and movie content on the PlayStation Network. Use built-in Bluetooth® support to connect a wireless headset and utilize Skype to talk with friends. But best of all, show off your content via the ultra-crisp 3.8 inch LCD screen on the most portable PSP  system yet.

The new model of PSP-PSP 3000 System

It has an advanced LCD screen, which offers the highest-level contrast ratio, best response time and the widest color gamut possible on an LCD screen. It also has anti-reflection technology, so that we will get vibrant and natural colors in any conditions. And the built-in microphone enhances multi-player gaming and enables Skype calling. Light, slim and as portable as ever. Watch movies. Listen to music. Surf the Internet.  

So, this gadgets is very interesting for me and i love it !

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